Diggers and Cherry Pickers

Diggers and Cherry Pickers

We seldom know what the names of heavy equipment are. Take for example diggers and cherry pickers. Ask anyone and there are only a handful who can identify these equipment. These are actually regular equipment we see in construction sites, electrical line works and even entertainment shows.

Diggers, or most commonly known as a backhoe or excavator, are heavy equipment that makes use of hydraulics to move dirt or other materials by digging. It composes of a house, boom, stick and bucket. The house of the digger sits atop a moving or rotating platform. This is where the control of the equipment is located. The boom is attached to the house and serves as the arm of the digger. Most booms can either move vertically or horizontally, depending on what is attached. Attached to the boom is the stick which provides the digging power and force to the bucket. The bucket is made to handle a large capacity of materials. These materials, usually dirt, are moved by letting the bucket dig and then holding the materials until it is placed to another area. For harder materials such as land with lots of rocks, a bucket with teeth is used to cut through.

Diggers are mostly used to dig holes to lay pipes, transporting materials, road construction and even landscaping.

Cherry pickers are aerial work platforms(sakselift kristiansand) seen mounted on trucks or vans. These have a bucket attached to a long hydraulic arm where a person can work and stand in. The arm can be manipulated so that it stretches out telescopically to the desired length(lift kristiansand). The person in the bucket can also control where he wants the bucket or the arm of the cherry picker to go.

From the word itself, cherry pickers were initially designed for use in orchards. Until now, they are still used to pick the fruits from tall trees. These are also used by linemen who do repair or installation work on telephone, television and electrical lines. Firemen use cherry pickers(liftutleie kristiansand) to reach taller buildings. And window cleaners make use of these equipment for hard-to-reach areas. Other industries who use cherry pickers are: mining, construction, painting and horticulture.

In Hollywood, cherry pickers are also used in movie and television sets. These are called �condors’ and are used to suspend big lights above the sets. Some artists also use cherry pickers on their concerts. Michael Jackson and Justin Bieber have been known to use cherry pickers to reach their crowd or just to add more stage effects.

It is good to know what diggers and cherry pickers(høydeteknikk) are to be informed of what their various uses are. This knowledge can be useful should there be a chance that you’ll decide to do some garden or even construction work. You will then be confident on the right type of equipment to use.