Fighting bugs and weeds

A safer approach to fighting bugs and weeds.

5728661325_71ab500edd_zIt is important to be aware of the different pesticides that are on the market. When one isn’t aware it can lead to side effects that could potentially be harmful to pets and humans. Despite having the title “natural pest killers” many of them aren’t completely safe. With that being said there are many ways to fight weeds and bugs that are safer then using chemical pesticides. One of the safe ways to fight with bugs is using Pest control Phoenix AZ as their professionals always know the best ways to deal with them.

Keep the plants healthy. When a person thinks about it, plants are in many respects, the same as a human being in one particular sense. If a person is fed well, in good physical condition, has adequate mental and emotional care and avoids stress they are not likely to get sick unlike the one who allows himself to grow fat and complacent.

For a plant it is important that the soil they have been planted in is adequate to meet their needs. For example, if there isn’t enough nitrogen in the soil a soybean plant won’t grow properly and will die early on in development. Bugs are in many aspects like a virus. The more healthy the plant the less likely a bug will come and attempt to eat it. Though it seems unlikely many bugs don’t like certain smells. Certain herbs that are aromatic such as mint or fennel are natural deterrents for garden bugs. A plus of utilizing these herbs is that they can potentially attract the predators of the pests you’re attempting to eradicate.

If a plant is near the ground this provides easy access for bugs. A way to keep them out is to spread crushed egg shells around the 14272593327_953362c98e_zplant. This is like razor wire for bugs and other annoying pests. When spread properly it allows a safe environment to grow. If not dismayed don’t fear. Many bugs have a common predator such as the wasp who preys on the aphid. If your home remedies don’t take care of the bugs let nature run its course.

Planting in raised garden beds has become increasingly popular due to the convenient and easy care that they provide. Maintaining them is more simple because each one is treated as a smaller unit. Also, most raised garden beds are built with paths between them, which makes walking between them easier than being in the mud. If you decide to build your own, all you need is a few supplies and your imagination.

If this isn’t working perhaps have a beer or better yet pour it around your plant. While we as humans would enjoy a beer insects don’t. Flour, salt, and beer are viable home pesticide remedies in addition to a mixture of ammonia and water for slugs, a solution of half skim milk and water for fungus, and chili powder for protecting a plant that is blooming from squirrels and other ilk. There are many ways to utilize the internet. Use it, for perhaps using chemicals on a plant isn’t the best way to go about caring for it.