The Best Lighting Products for Your Bedroom

The Best Lighting Products for Your Bedroom

Bedrooms are meant for sleeping but should not necessarily be dark all the time. Each bedroom needs to combine both installed and portable light fixtures because of activities like dressing and reading. Most people may ignore bedrooms, but the effort you put in lighting other rooms should be the same for your bedroom.

Your bedroom’s lighting should create a soothing and calm atmosphere that will help you relax. Here are some lighting products that will be excellent for your bedroom.

Recessed Fixtures

Like other rooms, bedrooms require general lighting. It would be best if you created a balance between soothing, relaxing light and bright-enough-for-dressing light. Recessed lighting fixtures are perfect because they allow you to dial down the light before you sleep and dial-up when you need ample light for an activity.


The general rule of thumb is that each sconce should be at a maximum of 6 feet above the ground, except when the ceiling is higher than usual. You can place your sconce on both sides of the bed and make your reading routine more fun than it is. You can lower your sconces if your bed is lower to the ground.

Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans play two roles in the bedroom. They provide bright overhead lighting and regulate the temperature in the bedroom. It is advisable to pick a light kit direct towards the ceiling or covered by a shade if you want to keep things smooth. Keeping the ceiling fan remote by your bedside will make it easy for you to control it.

Bedroom light fixtures can help you set just the right mood for an evening. Having the right products is a step towards living a better life and getting enough rest. You will be surprised how much flexibility you can have in your bedroom when it comes to light.